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Healthcare IT

Our healthcare IT specialists have helped dozens of hospitals and physician practices throughout the country to implement healthcare data integration projects. We have significant experience providing custom reporting and integration solutions for a variety of Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications, such as AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, Athena, Greenway, and NextGen, among others. We also have a strong background in key healthcare integration standards, including FHIR, HL7, and CCD.

Technical Business Stratagy

Our many years in IT, as well as our background in industries such as healthcare and education, have positioned us as a helpful resource for providing strategic guidance - particularly in the alignment of technology goals with business goals.

Project Management

Our project management team includes employees with PMI Certifications. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is considered the leading authority on project management best practices. We combine our project management skills with our technical backgrounds to create a winning combination for our clients. Whether for an entire project or a particular set of tasks, we are here to meet our clients'  technology needs.

Content Management Systems

The beauty of a CMS (Content Management System) is that it empowers even non-tech employees of an organization to be able to update information on their website, without having to call their IT resources. Through an easy-to-use web-based interface, website changes can be only minutes away, greatly improving the timeliness of making site adjustments and reducing website-related expenses. Niche Provider has significant experience implementing a range of different CMS’s, including Drupal, WordPress, and SharePoint.

Mobile Apps

We provide mobile app development services, geared toward our clients' specific needs. We provide a variety of helpful services for customers and/or employees via mobile apps that are made available for the iPhone, iPad, or other devices. We help design and implement a solution that provides the unique benefits offered by these mobile platforms.

Custom Web Apps

We work closely with our clients and listen to the vision of what their website should represent.  Then we tailor a project plan to meet those unique needs. We provide everything from pure informational site design to advanced programming and significant business logic. Our skills include ASP.Net, PHP, Java and a variety of other technologies.

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