A recent Appy Award winner as one of the top healthcare apps available for the iPad, Healthspek empowers individuals to be able to easily manage their own personal health record information. It also allows for receiving health information updates from the patient's doctor, transferred securely using the most current technologies for healthcare data exchange employed by the healthcare as of today. Niche Provider was responsible for developing a significant portion of the Healthspek functionality, which also provides features such as medication refill request capabilities and the ability for a user to securely share their personal health record with their doctor or a specialist, breaking down the traditional barriers of a patient's data residing only in an isolated hospital or physician practice.

Mission Point:

Mission Point is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that was created several years ago by Ascension, the parent company of St. Thomas Hospital. As an ACO, Mission Point has specific targets it must meet, as specified by the Federal Government, with regard to the variety of hospitals and physician practices that are members of its network. Niche Provider has assisted Mission Point in providing data integration solutions with its member hospitals and practices in order to help achieve their target goals for MSSP (Medicare Shared Savings Program) and other related incentives.

Vanderbilt Department of Medicine:

Niche Provider has implemented a variety of helpful solutions to meet the needs of the Vanderbilt Department of Medicine, including a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS was put in place to be able to empower members of the thirteen different divisions under the Department-wide umbrella to be able to manage their own distinct sections of the website, which all fit within a common site-wide template. Niche Provider has also provided advanced reporting and analysis capabilities via the creation of Dashboards and advanced SharePoint technologies.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville:

Niche Provider has created the capability for Habitat Nashville to integrate its volunteer form, which is a key document that facilitates a significant portion of Habitat project planning, with its Salesforce account. This solution empowers volunteers to sign up directly on the Habitat website, and it integrates directly with Salesforce, greatly streamlining the process for Habitat. Compared to the old workflow they had been following, which required updating volunteer information themselves in multiple locations, the new process has made a big difference.